You’re brilliant, and thank you!

Whoever keeps buying all these ebooks of mine, thank you! 😁

When I first began writing the Tabitha books, I honestly didn’t know if there was a market out there for tales of space dragons, geeky heroines and superpowered fun-loving cannibals. But, as it turns out, there really is.

And if you keep reading them and loving them, then you can be damn sure I’ll keep writing ’em.

Also, I’m absolutely addicted to seeing my readers’ reviews. I love to know what people like and dislike about my writing, so that I can become a better storyteller with each new release.

The only thing that matters to me is telling the very best stories I possibly can, and your comments and Amazon reviews are the guidance I rely on, in order to hone my craft.

So, if you have a free moment, then an Amazon reader review is always very much appreciated – and as ever, I’ll plant a seed in some random soil somewhere in return. 🙂🌿

Never heard of Tabitha? Try a free sample!


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