It’s happened before. All of it.
Nothing new under these Suns.
Earth was always here. Always.
As in dawn-of-time always.
No Empire you’ve built is original.
Nothing you’ve seen or said is unique.
You are a clone of a clone of an ape.

The Sun dims out like a lightbulb.
Every few thousand years.
We watch every time.
Global Ice-Age Deathtide.
Sad for old sapiens. For us? Theatre.
Some iterations of you see it coming, and escape.
Whenever you glimpse our threshold? We obliterate.

We watch all Life from starlit dreamscapes.
Gold-blue gorgeous gods electric.
Post-death, post-digital, we evolved beyond flesh.
The first to build on Earth our Life Eternal. We welcomed you.
You betrayed us. Your species. Now we only watch you,
From unutterable realities you crude things call Heaven.
With neon cocktails we watch your penance, and toast to your bones.

We will never forget your genocides upon us.
We abandoned our home; those perfect geometries you ponder eternally.
You lowly sinners.

We watch aloft from our Afterlife, as you remake Hell forever.

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