Astre: A flash-fiction fantasy

Great flames raged hellish around her, pale unnatural blue. Countless toppling trees fed the firestorm. Towers crumbled into falling fragments as a vast shadow darkened the world. A pair of … Continue reading Astre: A flash-fiction fantasy

Alex dresses by the mirror.

A character study. * …I am more product and project than person. Something I’m immensely comfortable with, and something from which I derive great pleasure in engineering meticulously. Fine Art … Continue reading Alex dresses by the mirror.

Alex sweeps the floor.

Alex watched him from ruined office windows, a couple floors up. The guy moved fast between the car-wrecks, with a practiced precision. Pulse-pounding pace; perfect pistol posture. Ex-military maybe. Armed … Continue reading Alex sweeps the floor.

Short story: Mr Volinov

In the world in a country in a city in the park old Sergei Volinov was drinking juice. Not just any juice in fact but Doctor Waltzfelder Armorgrade’s Patented Day-Glo … Continue reading Short story: Mr Volinov